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Comfy & Chill'n Knit Top - Olive

Comfy & Chill'n Knit Top - Olive

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I want to be comfy while chill'n and watching some reality TV - maybe 'The Bachelor' or an interesting documentary. You never know with me; but for sure, I must be able to pull my knees up under my sweater when the excitement begins!

Well, Pink Pencil Skirt Boutique has the perfect comfy and chill knit top just for you! With its raglan long sleeves, one-shoulder-off wide neckline, and super long cuffs, this knit pullover is the perfect top to wear while screaming at the TV with your girlfriends, or cozying on the couch with your special snuggle!

49% Polyester, 49% Rayon, 2% Spandex

Comes in Olive or Black

Made in USA